About Us

We are a Scarborough (Malvern) family selling used furniture, small appliances and household items from our house.

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We sell only items in good working clean condition. Things we would not buy for ourselves we do not sell (they go to the dump). The most prominent pieces are featured on the front page of our site. Go through category menu to see more items you may be interested in. We update the site daily. Sold items get removed on the day of sale, new added frequently. For your convenience you can subscribe to our email product updates at the  subscription page. Subscriptions are handled by Google’s FeedBurner service. We keep your email confidential. You can unsubscribe at any time with no hassle.

We have no showroom where you can see all items in a nice setup – our site is a more convenient place for shopping (this arrangement also helps us keep prices low).  We have very limited space and things are stored compactly. Getting them out just to see is not an option. If you decide to come, choose what you are interested in on the site and let us know what exactly you are coming for. We will then prepare the things for your viewing.

We offer local delivery of bulky/heavy items for a fee. Please see the delivery page for more information.

Note that we do not accept PayPal, debit or credit card payments. We accept email bank transfers from all Canadian banks, Interac e-Transfer and cash. Items are released only after the payment finalized.

All sales are final. No exchanges, no warranty. Small appliances and any electrical/mechanical thing that is supposed to work gets checked by us and the buyer at the time of sale.

Please respect our privacy, never come without prior appointment. We do not publish our address for that particular purpose. We will give you our address by phone or email when you are ready to come just before going to us. It helps us manage our time and share our private life and our little business conveniently.

Upon agreement of an appointment the item/items you are interested in get held for you until the estimated time of your visit, just for the time of your travel.  If you promise to come and do not appear nor contact us in time, we consider ourselves free to offer “your” item to the next caller. We do not hold anything for anybody otherwise. On a case to case basis we can hold a fully paid item for few days if asked gently and with a reasonable explanation of a reason.

We are experts in our market and set fair prices for our items. All prices are firm. We do not accept any offers and we do not bargain. Please do not come here just to try to lower our price, respect yours and our time. In some cultures bargaining is a part of the buying/selling ritual. We are not a part of such culture, we live with different principles.



Used furniture and household items for sale from a Scarborough family.